Our Philosophy – The Sandbox Preschool Ukiah

The Sandbox strives to be a significant source of support for each family, while providing a caring learning environment for each child. Our program goals are:

Goal #1:

Provide an environment where all children feel free to explore their own sense of wonder and curiosity.

Goal # 2:

Support all children in their developing sense of self. Facilitate the development of a positive self-image and growing sense of autonomy.

Goal #3:

Respect the primary role of family in all children’s lives. Work effectively with the families to create a situation which fosters the best interest of each family and child. This includes foster families and families in recovery.

Goal #4:

Support young parents; parents receiving TANF; parents within the Workforce Employment Act; and foster parents to find quality childcare that supports their ability to enter the workforce world through job training and gainful employment and to become self-sufficient. Maintain a strong volunteerism component (by the parents themselves in order to expose them to developmentally appropriate play and evidence-based parenting).