Welcome to The Sandbox Child Care Center in Ukiah!

The Sandbox Child Care Center in Ukiah is a place where children can develop to their potential and be ready for kindergarten – with the help of nurturing relationships and consistent adults.




We offer support to parents

To enter the work world through job training or gainful employment, which helps their child to develop in a healthy way.











We help foster families

By offering excellent child care that is available as soon as a family receives a child.





And we support parents in recovery

By providing a supportive, substance-free community.



We are a quality child care center in Ukiah serving children ages 18 months to Kindergarten entry.

License # 233009205

Our Philosophy

We strive to be a significant source of support for each family, while providing a caring learning environment for each child.

General Information

We are licensed for children aged 18 mos-Kindergarten entry, with small class sizes and supportive of positive behavior.

Daily Schedule

Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., except federal holidays

Who We Are

The Sandbox provides quality childcare that strongly reflects an abiding sense of respect for children, their unique cultures, and individual development.

Contact us for more information!

Contact us to enroll your child, inquire about a job, to volunteer or to just to learn more about our program!